Scott Mumford soc

One of my first Motion Control Jobs. I shot the plates as moco and then brought the rig in to the studio and repeated the move. Safety gear was the message.

A Motion Control Test from Scott Mumford on Vimeo.

This test was shot with an HVX-200 @ 24 frames a second utilizing the CamBlock Motion Control System.
I shot 20+ passes of the very same move and used final cut for the edit.
I stacked the tracks and began to cut or dissolve. It features Scott Mumford SOC and Johnathon Cane.

Any studder is likely key frame behavior. Should diminish on a second pass!

MoCo Test #1 from Scott Mumford on Vimeo.

My very first Motion Control Test with the Camblock System. Shot with a DVX-100A. And I played that guitar as well!

First Test 6/6/09<br> CamBlock Motion Control<br> About 16 layers</big> </div> </body> </html>