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G. Love & Special Sauce
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My Morning Jacket
Live Performance
Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Traveling Man"
Natalie Grantt
"View From The Top" snd trk
These 5 Down
Thrash Metal/Hard Rock
Bombshell Crush
24P Rockin' DV
Cledus T. Judd
"Best Indi Video" from CMT
Ruben Blades
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Gloria Estefan
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Opryland Hotel
This is no Motel!
Speedo Swim Wear
A Spot for Europe
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Rori Clothier
National Addy Award
General Nutrition Center
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Air Blaster, Tyco Toys
Cool Toy Spot!
Direct Insurance
Personal Greeting!
Ennis Medical Center
The ER as First Line Care!
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Got to Give Back!
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Stress Test
You Are What You Eat!
Not Just For Winter Anymore!
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Funny AFN Spot
Cattle Drive
Cowboys discuss their 401k's
Numbers Lab
A Mad Scientist at Work
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3rd Shifters
Feature Trailer
No More Dirty Deals
Feature Trailer
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Balancing Act
LifeTime Television
Camera Motion Control
Motion Control
Night Skys and Stars
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My Personal Obcession!
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