Nice Fellows with a Nice Song
Kind of a ballad. Nice melody.

Bomb Shell Crush "Broken Down" from Scott Mumford on Vimeo.

16.5 meg
Shot with a DVX-100A 24P CineVideoCamera
Here is what blows me away about this camera.
We had a big room. a bunch of lecos, pars. and a smoke machine.
With the DVX-100 on a whippy little tripod we ran the dolly back and forth till I was thrown off. And we would start again.
It is a full on performance vid, so we kept the camera moving as fast as we could.
But the CAMERA!
It takes the light so well, even the shape of the flares.
I have been shooting film for 25 years, but now?
Forgive Me (I've gone digital. I now shoot with an HVX-200 and Canon 5D MkII)