Scott Mumford s.o.c.
Director of Photography

3rd Shifters Feature Trailer from Scott Mumford on Vimeo.

A view of a "CyberPunk" future. Man is hooked on "jackin' in" for a cyber rush. "Modified" humans are commonplace and some even powerbrokers. A barren world where "Cyber Operatives" steal information like bounty hunters. Bypassing physical walls and firewalls alike, this team of misfits works under cover of darkness, and goes strait to the source.
Shot as a 16mm student film in 1992, at Velencia Community College in Central Florida. I was brought in to serve as the DP by my long time friend and Film Dept head Michael Corbett.
We had 2 Arriflex SRII's, and a 10 ton grip and lighting package. This was a feature trailer directed by Greg Hale, and produced by Brian Caine. They both went on to materially participate in "The Blair Witch Project". Every department excelled, especially the Art Dept. For me, it was a very rewarding experience. I am very proud of this piece.

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